What Is LPFM?

Low Power FM or LPFM — stations are community-based, nonprofit radio stations that broadcast at the local level, to neighborhoods and small towns throughout the country.

Run by non-profits like colleges, churches, schools, labor unions and other community groups, LPFM stations provide local coverage, information and perspectives that are not available anywhere else. These non-commercial stations are uniquely positioned to meet local needs by:

Giving a voice to local groups and people who otherwise lack access to the media. 

  • Offering a platform for discussing local issues.
  • Providing news, information and viewpoints ignored by traditional media.
  • Offering a training ground for students and others looking for a start in the radio business.
  • Strengthening neighborhood and community identity.
  • Issuing vital safety information during local emergencies.
  • It creates an outlet for amateur musicians to get their music heard.
  • It creates diversity on the air because women and racial minorities are represented.
  • It provides farmers with up to date agricultural information.

LPFM stations may have a small broadcast range; they operate at 100 watts or less and have a broadcast reach of just a few miles, but their impact on local communities is immense. From the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts to Southwest Florida to the farming fields of the Pacific Northwest, LPFM stations are injecting a much-needed vibrancy into a radio dial gone stale from years of commercial consolidation. 

After Congress first authorized LPFM stations in 2000, the Federal Communications Commission began to issue LPFM licenses, awarding more than 800 licenses to civil rights organizations, schools and church groups across the country. 

In 2003 Calvary Chapel of Republic filed an application for an LPFM license and won. In 2009 we began construction after a long battle with zoning issues and placement of tower and frequency changes. With God’s help we moved forward and completed the construction and started airing live. We took the call letters KVTS (Knowing Victory Thru Scripture) and took the frequency 107.9 then named the station Hiswave Radio. The station serves as a reminder of God’s grace as it towers 90′ above our Pastors home in his backyard. The studio is shared in his office where Pastor Tony studies and serves as the radio manager. 

There are so many that God will reward for coming alongside to provide support, prayers and the labor to see this become a reality of God’s Grace. From all of us at Hiswave Radio, we thank you for all you have given and we know that God will use it to bear much fruit to its listeners and bring glory to Himself! 

For His Glory!
Hiswave Radio.

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